Illuminating the journey to healing

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness. The journey to healing is a meandering, arduous, but purposeful journey.

Building Resilience

“In Buddhism resilience is defined by a simple image: in a storm, the grass bends with the wind while the mighty tree is blown over.” –Deepak Chopra

Resilience is the ability to adapt and “bounce back” while facing stress, life’s challenges, including illness. People who display resilience grow stronger from facing the challenges.

Building and increasing resilience is a complex construct but it is now recognized to be essential when recovering from illness or living with chronic disease. It does not mean you will not experience stress, setbacks or suffering, but with time and the help from people, resources (HCF) around you, you will learn to bend with the wind.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can initially literally derail your day to day life. It may be difficult to think of anything else but the cancer. This is a normal stress response to a life changing event. There are several opportunities to regain control of your life’s journey and build the resilience needed to weather this storm.

Resilience is the ability to cope with traumatic and stressful events and to overcome them in an effective and positive way. Sounds easier than it is but let’s break it down.

·      You are entitled to your feelings

·      Create a support team that will life you up and walk this journey with you

·      Knowledge is power (Dr Google and the internet are not always correct)

·      Create a care team of physicians and healthcare professionals to guide you

·      There are no stupid questions

·      Ask your questions to alleviate the FEAR and become empowered

·      Adversity is the opportunity for spiritual growth

·      Find ways to bring joy into your daily life