Illuminating the journey to healing

A breast cancer diagnosis may feel like an ending, but may prove to be a beginning of a profound healing journey.


Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy treat a persons physical body with the intent to cure breast cancer.

Most survivors, once discharged by their healthcare provider, have no idea where to turn to learn how to survive after cancer let alone thrive.   

Dr DuPree has been caring for women and men with breast cancer for more than 35 years and has come to recognize this place we call  “The Cliff.” (p6) Everyone who goes through the treatment of breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, arrives at this place when the physical treatment of his or her cancer is complete.

The cliff as that place that breast cancer patients’ reach anywhere from two weeks to two months after their treatment has finished. It is when FEAR sets in and rational thinking flies out the window. Somehow being on treatment is like a security blanket since you are actually doing something to “treat” the cancer. Suddenly you are done and nothing in your life is recognizable. The life you had before the diagnosis of breast cancer is gone and your new life is plagued with fear. Most of the time you can keep your game face on, but in reality you are standing at the edge of the cliff scared that you are about to free fall to a place that you is unknown.

The journey to healing and developing resilience depends on so much more.  It requires the support and compassion from family, friends and your community. It may require lifestyle modifications such as healthy eating and regular exercise. The HCF is committed to illuminating the journey to healing by supporting and empowering breast cancer survivors to become THRIVERS!