Illuminating the journey to healing

A breast cancer diagnosis may feel like an ending, but may prove to be a beginning of a profound healing journey.

Alleviating Treatment Side Effects

Primum non Nocere – First Do No Harm

The goal or prime directive of breast cancer treatment is to remove cancer cells from the body while avoiding collateral damage of normal cells. Cancer cells are cells that go rogue and lose their internal programs and have forgotten how to stop dividing and forgotten when they are supposed to die.

Breast cancer treatment therapies focus on either local or systemic disease control. (Radiation therapy is a local treatment and chemotherapy and anti-estrogen are systemic therapies). These therapies work very well to treat the cancer, but can have unwanted side effects. There are many proven interventions to mitigate these side effects but to NOT interfere with the  treatment effectiveness.

Please discuss any integrative methods you are interested in potentially trying with your doctors / caregivers before beginning any interventions. You can download a PDF of this information to share with your care team.

Click here to download the “Alleviating Side Effects” PDF


CHEMOTHERAPY – Nausea/ Neuropathy / Hair loss

RADIATION THERAPY – Skin protection / Fatigue

ANTI-ESTROGEN THERAPY-  Hot flashes / Joint pain/ Vaginal Dryness

LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION- Exercise/ Nutrition /Stress management/ Managing Depression & Anxiety